Welcome to Scrapoholic Kuttables.  Here you will find my cut files for sale and some available for free. I offer cut files in the following formats: MTC (Make The Cut), SCAL v2 (Sure Cuts ALot), Silhouette Studio V3, SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic, and in both JPEG & PNG, which are “screen Shots” of my cut files.

I would suggest trying a “Free Cut File”before purchasing to ensure my files work in your programs.

I design my cut files using MTC (Make the Cut) and export into other formats. I enjoy designing, sharing and selling my files.

I always enjoyed designing cut files. I first started in the original Cricut Design Space. I then, purchased the original SCAL and made files in there. Then, I was introduced to MTC, fell in love and still am in love.  I began designing cut files for my own scrapbooks and cards and shared some with select few, then publicly on my blog on blogspot. (TheScrapoholic.blogspot.com). Once I got injured, after 2 years of hoping for a full recovery, sadly reality set in. I design to share for free and to sell to help pay for my mounting medical bills.

I am unable to work outside my house due to an injury to my right arm, that leaves me in 24/7/365 pain. My ulnar nerve (aka funny bone, which is neither a bone or funny), was damaged during a cortisone shot in 2008. My right arm feels like the first few seconds of when you hit your “funny bone”, except mine never goes away.  There are days I don’t get out of bed because the nerve flares so bad. I also, have endured several surgeries on my arm and also my back to insert a spinal stimulator to help control the pain. While my spinal stimulator helps, it did move and cause some damage to my back. The surgeon didn’t fix it properly the first time, which then forced me to get a new surgeon. While finding and going thru the process of trying to avoid a third surgery, time schedule to see the surgeon and scheduling the surgery took over 9 months. During those 9 months, the spinal stimulator was moving and kept tearing my muscles that kept trying to repair themselves which then caused permanent muscle damage and secondary nerve damage.  I have to get injections for 4 locations throughout the year. One is in my neck, the scariest of all! the other 3 are in my back and hip. Each injection lasts about 3-4 months.

That’s my story

The Scrapoholic